DOOM, Wolfenstein and Skyrim coming to Nintendo Switch!

much like Skyrim, you'll soon be able to play Doom on a Glade Air Freshener

14 Sep 2017
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Following the trend of its grandfather Doom(1992) in dominating every console under the sun - the critically acclaimed Doom(2016) will be available for Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

This, alongside Skyrim: Special Edition and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is all part of the newfound love Bethesda has found for the hybrid console.

"Skyrim will hit Switch first on November 17, followed by DOOM during this year’s holiday season, with Wolfenstein II rounding it out in 2018"

Check out the nintendo direct below.

Being a proud owner of a Switch it's great to see these AAA titles ported to an ambitious portable console, here's hoping it's the beginning of a trend amongst AAA developers!