Dead Rising Triple Pack out next week


21 Sep 2016
dead rising

Capcom's zombathon is due next week (September 27th for you pedantic types) bringing us 3 games spiffed up with a graphical polish and shine. It seems like the usual attempt at convincing us that we should re purchase games that we all ready own. however this bundle's a little different, it's another case of "shit that took a while" as the original Dead Rising will be making it's PC debut a mere decade after it was first released. Also included the sequel Dead Rising 2 and it's bizarre pseudo-expansion off the record where you play through the exact same game but as another character. Each of the games can be snagged separately and we'll no doubt be bringing you a review of the original game if for nothing more than curiosities sake. So take a look if you're interested, or go do something with less zombies if you're not.