Dawn of War III Gameplay

Relic drops shiny new gameplay footage

16 Jun 2016
Dawn of war 3 announcment

MORNIN' WARBOYS! Relic has begun to drip feed gameplay details about their shiny new RTS as well as a nice new gameplay video to oogle at. From the look of things Relic is aiming more towards DOWII's gameplay style but with a bit of base building thrown in for good measure. Relic have also thrown out hero units, and replaced them with 'Elites' and 'Super-Units'

“Both Elites and Super Units are selected before the game starts and are deployed using Elite Points, which are earned during the match. In general, Super Units have more health than Elite units, but are also slower and require more forethought when it comes to positioning. Super Units land on the battlefield in spectacular form, announcing their arrival so that your allies can aid you in battle… or so your enemies can ready their retaliation.”

Anyway with this update we can expect a steady stream from Relic, so keep your eyes glued on their youtube and devblog!