D.R.O.N.E GAME new Teaser trailer

A new multiplayer arena shooter by Five Studios

21 Jan 2017
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Five Studios Interactive have just released the gameplay teaser for their new multiplayer arena shooter D.R.O.N.E. Player freedom and customization is the primary focus of the game, giving players the freedom to modify their drones in any way they like.

"Drone is a sci-fi multiplayer arena shooter with unseen creative freedom.

As a player you can build your own drones, your designs directly impacting how the game feels and plays. Depending on their design, drones can swim, hover, dive, drive, run, jump or fly. Hybrid designs are also possible. When it comes to the unconstrained design process - size matters! A small drone offers more agility than a bigger one and it can escape or attack from places where bigger, heavily armoured or armed drones cannot. Drones are based on components which have different properties like weight, durability, power consumption, heat and noise production, just to name a few.

As you progress, you gain access to more components and the size and complexity of your drone builds can be increased. Creating well-balanced drones presents more challenges as more parts are added. For example weight needs to be balanced with propulsion, the centre of gravity needs to be taken into account, energy needs to be managed and even noise and heat production can affect the quality of a design. Apart from building drones, you can create arenas as well as define specific game-play rule sets for them in a wide range of customizable environments. Like the drone components, the complexity of arenas and rule sets are also tied to your progression in the game.

The rule set editor elevates the gameplay of D.R.O.N.E. to another level, adds complexity and demands tactical finesse from you. Winning conditions go far beyond what we know from arena based games and allow for an unprecedented experience. As a basis for customization, there are templates for the usual gameplay modes: deathmatch, capture the flag, racing, powerball, etc."


D.R.O.N.E Gameplay Teaser