Crytek sues Cloud Imperium

Game that is constantly delayed likley to be delayed again

15 Dec 2017

As if the development of Star Citizen wasn't convoluted enough already Crytek has filed a suit against Cloud Imperium Games (developers of Star Citizen and Squadron 42) for shitting the bed with their engine licensing. So way back when Star Citizen didn't resemble a ponzi scheme, Cloud Imperium licensed the CryEngine for a heavy discount. Part of the deal was that CIG was to feature the CryEngine branding in all of it's releases and trailers and that they would be limited to the development of a single game. However things didn't really turn out that way CIG split the game into two parts, Star Citizen and Squadron 42 (a stand alone single-player release) and dropped all the Crytek branding after moving to Amazon's Lumberyard engine.

Funny thing is, Lumberyard is a cross licensed version of the CryEngine, so Crytek have an incredibly strong case on this one as well as a good reason to be mighty pissed since they had allot riding on the game's publicity. Crytek are only going for $75000USD in damages, chump change in legal terms but a win on this one would likely open up the door to the Federal Courts where the real money is. For those of you who've been zoned out recently Crytek really needs the money, after multiple closures and canceled projects things are looking a little thin for the boffins in Deutschland (which is not entirely undeserved). However in this case we're gonna side with Crytek, mainly because of the blatant stupidity of the fast one CIG have pulled, and the fact that the Germans have actually released a bloody game.


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