Blackwood Crossing Gameplay Walkthrough

All aboard the feel train

05 Jan 2017
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So as the Christmas holidays come to a close and that dread of returning to the day job sets in (actually I need to go back to work, Steam sales have bled me dry). Naturally, the wide world of video games steps in to offer a refreshing new surrealist adventure game based set a brother-sister relationship set in the mid-90s (exhale).


(Taken from source)

"Blackwood Crossing is a single-player, story-driven adventure game. An intriguing tale exploring the relationship of Scarlett and Finn, two siblings who are growing apart. When their paths cross with a ghostly figure, an ordinary train ride evolves into a haunting adventure of love, death and magic."


Developer gameplay walkthrough


Blackwood Crossing is due out early 2017, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam. Also follow developers PaperSeven on Twitter.