Bezzie announces Quake Champions

The king of multiplayer shooters is back

13 Jun 2016

Not content with Doom, Bethesda are making good on their investment by bringing back iD's biggest series Quake. Why is Bethesda releasing what looks like a remake of Quake III Arena (a game people are still playing in obscene numbers) iD software oldboy Tim Willits has stated "The game is designed for world-class eSports play at every level" so Bethesda is clearly chasing that sweet sweet tournament money. We here at Awkward Machine's Quake department are fairly ambivalent about this release, afterall Quake III is a proven classic, we just hope that we get full modding and map support and not locked down so tight they can nickel and dime you for new maps and skins. No other details have been released as they're saving the juicy parts for Quakecon, but they did release a shiny pre rendered trailer that doesn't mean shit!




Note: The Official Awkward Machine Quake department would like to add that the Official Awkward Machine Unreal Tournament department wouldn't know a good arena shooter if it hit them in their crappy Bio Rifles! Also they smell like poo..