AOE: Definitive edition Delayed

adam gits mayd

17 Oct 2017
age of empires definitive edition

Stroggo here! Lets get one thing straight I don't give a crap about Age of Empires, I ain't saying it's a bad game no siree but apart from a select few titles RTS games have no business being anywhere near my hard drive. So why am I spitting out a news byte about the new(ish) Age of Empires? Because the further this game is delayed the longer I can go without having Adam shove it down my throat at the next LAN that's why! So long story short, the new Age of Empires: Definite Edition has been delayed from October 2017 to sometime next year, game development is a fiddly business and getting everything ironed out and balanced can take time.

So please guys takeĀ allĀ  the time you need.