Ama's Lullaby


16 Feb 2017
amas lulaby

The Cyberpunk genre is pretty hit and miss, for every Snow Crash and Ghost In The Shell theirs at least 10 Johnny Mnemonics or worse a Cybernator. Now, it's not all ups and downs, Cyberpunk also has the occasional ability to be incredibly left field. The most evident example in the gaming sphere being E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. So when we hear that another French studio is gearing up to make a point and click adventure in the same vein as Westwoods Blade Runner, we can't help but be interested! The developers (Mercy Ground Creations) have launched a Kickstarter for what seems the first game in a series. There's plenty of details on show but as far as the plot's concerned the devs tell us:

"Ama's Lullaby is a point-and-click video game taking place in a cyberpunk environment. Playing the role of Ama, a high potential teenager who loves computer sciences, you will explore the colony, meet its human and non-human inhabitants, negociate with the AI and make decisions that will impact directly the course of events. Thanks to Ama’s programming talent, you will be able to hack any network of the city, gather information, steal confidential data to use them for your own purposes, disclose them or even blackmail people. But be careful: every action will have consequences on the story, and Ama will become an easy prey once her identity is unveiled."

They also threw a video in to give us a rough idea of how the whole thing will pan out, unfortunately it seems to be full of generic Unity assets, but this is an incredibly early build.So if you're interested check em' out because good or bad chances are it'll at least be interesting.