Ages of Empires: Definitive Edition.


15 Jun 2017
Greek Tragedy Smaller 1

Something at E3 actually got my attention.

I have been playing way too much AOE II lately

Alongside all the dick waving that is Sony, Microsoft and all the big publisher's pressers PC gamer runs a PC Gaming show. We got a look at a lot of new games (and more Ooblets <3 ) but the biggest takeaway for me was the remastering of the Original Age of Empires.

I shudder to think the hours I poured into AOE and the Rise of Rome expansion. Though it seems to be tied to the windows store and not steam :( 

The Definitive Edition will feature 4K resolution, new AI and a bunch of improvements from the AOEII HD version including quality of life things like idle villagers and control groups.

At the end of the reveal, Adam Isgreen also teased at more AOE related content coming up at gamescon later in the year. AOE 4? another expansion for II HD? We will have to wait and see.

Anyway here is the wolololtastic reveal trailer.