20th IGF Audience award

Get out there and vote!

07 Feb 2018
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You know what they say time flies when you're having fun, what they don't tell you is it also flies when you're having a bad time shitfaced. Anyway it's time again for the GDC IGF Audience Award, which is quite important as far as gaming awards go!

Lets face it today's gaming awards are an absolute sham, rather give out awards based on merit, critical analysis, or hell even sales they're handed out based on some weird system of bribery, marketing, and singular personal bias. Geoff Keely's annual shindig is such an epic backwank that it makes the Oscars look fucking academic in comparison. The result is that gamers have to turn to audience choice awards for any sort of 'legitimacy' but even then it's usually just a web poll on a highly curated list.

However there is one that stands out, and that's the Annual IGF Audience Awards run by our buddies at the GDC. The Independent Games Festival awards are usually seen as the most 'neutral' of the gaming awards, namely because most of the competitors are poor as shit. Also the Audience Award usually contains games people actually liked and often produces a different winner to the federation's 'indie darling' they try to push at each award. So if you'd like your voice to actually be heard get out there and vote!


Here's Awkward Machine's picks for 2017:

Adam: A Mortician's Tale
Nick: Tacoma
John: Night in the Woods
Jake: Echo