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GOG Galaxy out of beta

23 Mar 2017
To those of you paying attention GOG's Galaxy client recently upped to version 1.2 which formally brings it out of beta as well as bringing a truckload of new features. Cloud saving, screenshot management and overlay notifications are included, and more interestingly includes a baked in FPS counter and a

Killing Floor 2 Gets new shit

23 Mar 2017
The oh so friendly folks over at Tripwire dropped a content pack for their latest goodtime-gunwank called 'The Descent'. Included are new guns, a new map and a 'holdout' sub-mode. Let's get started with the guns, Tripwire have brought back the Spitfires, a pair of olde west wheelguns that shoot

New Humble Bundle

22 Mar 2017
Streaming can be expensive but the good folks at Humble Bundle may be able to help you out.If you donate more than $1USD you can have access to great streaming services like:The Monstercat Twitch License - which provides content creators with the ability to use our catalogue of 1,000+ electronic

KSP Announces first expansion

21 Mar 2017
Squad, the fine folks who made our favourite Kerbonaut killing sim have released details of their first expansion and it's a doozy! Titled the "Making History" expansion, which if you haven't guessed already lets you take a crack at historic missions that real - not green, not expendable - men and

Outlast 2 banned in australia

17 Mar 2017
News has spread that the upcoming survival horror game Outlast 2, has been refused classification in Boomerang town following the Classification boards decision.Why you ask? To put it simply, the game features grotesque visuals and sexual scenes featuring rape and torture that they deem unfit for the Australian audience. (Source:

Overwatch’s new hero Orisa goes live next week

15 Mar 2017
Orisa, the 24th character in Blizzard Entertainments highly popular Overwatch, has been in testing on PC for the past two weeks. She will be live and playable in all versions of the game starting on Tuesday, March 21, Blizzard Entertainment announced today.Orisa is a Tank character who's main weapon is

Rocket League Dropshot

15 Mar 2017
More free Rocket League content is coming later this month!"Dropshot is a brand new take on Rocket League gameplay as we introduce dynamic breakable floors and an electrified ball, all within the confines of a new hexagonal Arena, 'Core 707'. Instead of pushing the ball into your opponent’s goal, your objective is to destroy panels

System Shock 3 Gets Publisher

15 Mar 2017
Sometime last night, Starbreeze dropped a bombshell and announced they're publishing System Shock 3. This is big news for two reasons, first, it confirms that System Shock 3 development is still ticking away, and it almost guarantees that it'll come out! For those not in the know, System Shock 3

Superhot VR Forever update on Oculus and Vive!

14 Mar 2017
As of March 7th players with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive can now experience Superhot in glorious VR!This update has been in the oven for a while now. Players who originally bought the game raved about its fresh take on bullet time and shooting/melee mechanics, all wrapped in a

No Mans Sky: Pathfinder

09 Mar 2017
The open road still softly callsIn what is becoming a bit of a habit for Hello Games after a few months of silence we got hit with another massive update to their much-maligned space sim No Mans Sky.The pathfinder update is no small text change, much like the foundation update

Lego Worlds 1.0 Now Available

08 Mar 2017
Following in the footsteps of the still massively popular open-world game franchise Minecraft, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The Lego Group have officially launched their own explorative title, Lego WorldsWarner Brothers decided to dabble into some of that sweet, sweet Minecraft Moolah and why not as we can

Outlast II release date confirmed

07 Mar 2017
Ok, we all knew this was coming. Red Barrel' sequel to their survival horror game Outlast has been something fans of the genre have been eagerly awaiting for some time. And after the unfortunate delay of the game last year, it's comforting to know that the developers have settled on a

Mass Effect Andromeda: Exploration

06 Mar 2017
"Andromeda is filled with worlds to explore"In the latest Mass Effect Andromeda overview video, we got a glimpse at the exploration mechanics and gameplay at work in Bioware's latest space-based RPG/romance Sim.ME: Andromeda will take place in the helios cluster, filled with dozens of star systems. Using the Tempest as your base

Uplink OS goes gold

06 Mar 2017
Around about 15 years now Britain's original indie darlings Introversion gave the world Uplink. A full fat with extra side of cheese hacking sim that played fast and loose with "Hollywood hacking" methods and was just an absolute barrel of fun! Because of Uplink's visual nature it's one of a

Subnautica Infected Update!

03 Mar 2017
There’s something in the water. It has infected this world. It has infected you.Have you ever just been swimming along, admiring all the lush seascape, the beautiful flora, the marvelous creatures and there's something not quite right about Mr. Fish over there. Maybe he's just different, okay. He's glowing? He might

Update for Euro/American truck simulator enters beta

03 Mar 2017
Developer SCS Software is very fond of their two children Euro Truck and American Truck Simulator.We've seen some beautifully recreated places from the stunning rural roads of Germany to the rows of gun stores and pawn shops in lower Las Vegas. So it's no surprise SCS are still giving these games

Nintendo Switch to release with 64 Indie titles!

02 Mar 2017
With the release of the Nintendo Switch just days away (Friday for those of us in NZ) naturally we all want to know "What games will be released for the Switch?" Understandable. Lately, Nintendo fans have bought the consoles based solely on how good the latest Legend of Zelda, Metroid and

LG partner with Valve for VR headset

02 Mar 2017
News broke at GDC that LG and Valve will be unveiling their new VR headsetUtilising the SteamVR management and OpenSteam development platform this new partnership shows potential for another dog in the fight for our entry into the VR realm. Valve have stated this new HMD is “designed to deliver a

Nvidia Announces the 1080Ti

01 Mar 2017
ALL OF THE PIXELSEarlier today at GDC Nvidia announced and unveiled their newest addition to the Ti family. The beastly GTX 1080Ti now surpassing even the hulking Titan XUnder all that metal and cooling sits the latest magic box from Nvidia. Packing a whopping 3,584 CUDA Cores, and 11GB of next-gen

SWAT4 Preview

01 Mar 2017
If you'll remember a few weeks ago SWAT4 got the GOG re-release it so desperately needed. So Nick and John fired the old girl up and proceeded to get their arses handed to them, you can expect the full video sometime later this week but for now enjoy this highlight

HTC Announce Audio strap and Vive Tracker

01 Mar 2017
HTC have just announced two new add-ons for their current VR headset HTC Vive, offering something much needed and something we didn't think we needed. Firstly, we have what HTC are calling the "Deluxe Audio Strap" which in normal human speak is a replacement for the current Vive head strap that has

Samsung GEAR VR gets a motion controller

01 Mar 2017
We've seen a lot happen with VR last year.From the buggy development kits to those nifty consumer versions we still can't afford.But for those with empty pockets and a hankering for a taste of what the new market has to offer - it's now comforting to know that Samsung's mobile

Epic Announces Battle Breakers

28 Feb 2017
Epic Games have beat most other studios out of the GDC starting pen by announcing a new title called Battle Breakers. A turn based RPG for phones and PC, it's obvious Epic are chasing the MOBA/Candy crush market with this one. Of course, I'm being a little unfair, and you

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Confirmed!

28 Feb 2017
Hype to Confirmation in 24 hours!Along with yesterday's details of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Standard and Gold Edition there is also the Silver Edition, which includes:• Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion• Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion• Silver War ChestPreordering the Silver or Gold Edition on Steam will also net you some bonuses too; Legendary

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Leaked

27 Feb 2017
Whoops to Hype in 0.4 secondsMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War accidentally leaked by Target on their online store but has since been removed, but not before people got a hold of the details."Go behind enemy lines to forge your army, conquer Fortresses and dominate Mordor from within. Experience how the award

FTL developers announce new game

27 Feb 2017
From developers of the rogue-like spaceship simulator comes their next indie game about mechs from the future fighting subterranean aliens attacking earth from the inside. Yeah, what the actual fuck.Following on from it's FTL influence, Into The Breach features randomized, strategy-based gameplay with an old school look."The remnants of human civilization

Ooblets get a publisher

23 Feb 2017
Approaching dangerous levels of comfyWe are not sure how this indie darling slipped under our radar for so long but boy, we are glad this news brought it to our attention. It looks like a beautiful blend of so many things we love and today it was announced that Double Fine

Berserk out now

23 Feb 2017
Dynasty warriors is a very Marmite series of games, either you love them or you hate them. We here at AM have never been too keen on the series, although we do admit it's awfully cathartic to mow through waves and waves of medieval Asian soldiers. One of the (many)

Australia Update Coming to Civ 6

22 Feb 2017
Recently the team over at Civilization 6 announced that our friends across the ditch were becoming a playable Civ in their latest DLC which is launching alongside the "AUSTRALIAN SUMMER 2017 UPDATE" The Civ will be lead by Australias WW2 Prime Minister John Curtis and will have its own unique and very

Dirt Rally gets PSVR support

20 Feb 2017
It's refreshing to see so many developers taking up the reigns and offering support for those with HMD (Head-Mounted-Display) and a small library to use them on. And so, understandably, when Codemasters recently added PSVR support to their punishing racing simulator Dirt Rally, I smiled and nodded in approvement like