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Hello Neighbor - gameplay trailer released!

01 Oct 2016
Developer Dynamic Pixels and Publisher tinyBuild are teaming up to scratch that breaking-and-entering itch. only, this time, the house your entering is your neighbours and he's hiding something in the basement. That's the simple premise - break into your neighbour's house and get to the basement to find their secret,

Awkward Machine @ EB Expo - Sydney - This Weekend!

26 Sep 2016
Awkward Machine (Well one member anyway) will be in attendance at the EB games Expo in Sydney Sep 30th - Oct 2ndFrom Call of Duty to Final Fantasy the EB games expo will showcase all the latest upcoming titles in gaming for 2016 and beyond.For all the updates keep it

Mafia 3 Gameplay demo

26 Sep 2016
In this extended Mafia III gameplay demo from the Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, Lincoln Clay takes out one of Sal Marcano’s underbosses.This gameplay demo showcases all the sights and sounds of New Bordeaux, with some impressive gunplay and an intriguing story straight out of a Godfather movie.Mafia 3 is out

Dead Rising Triple Pack out next week

21 Sep 2016
Capcom's zombathon is due next week (September 27th for you pedantic types) bringing us 3 games spiffed up with a graphical polish and shine. It seems like the usual attempt at convincing us that we should re purchase games that we all ready own. however this bundle's a little different,

The Last Guardian delayed

13 Sep 2016
  NOTE: The following was written by a man who has zero interest in console gaming The Last Guardian, a game only famous for inheriting a perpetual release date from DNF has been delayed again... big fuckin' surprise. It's one of those artsy puzzle platforms where you play as a small boy

New Torment Video

12 Sep 2016
Planescape: Torment was one hellova game, so naturally people got quite excited when inXile announced they were putting the band back together and making a successor, Torment: Tides of Numenera. However up until now details have been scant, particularly around the games setting. Thankfully a new video has been released

Dual Universe Kickstarter

08 Sep 2016
First off, what is Dual Universe and why should you care? "Dual Universe is a Continuous Single-Shard sandbox MMORPG taking place in a vast Sci-Fi universe, focusing on emergent gameplay with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare. Players can freely modify the voxel-based universe by creating structures, spaceships or giant

Playstation Pro + Slim Console Announced !

08 Sep 2016
Sony held its "PlayStation Meeting" today announcing some new and shiny toys for us to play with coming very soon.First off the PlayStation Slim was announced, a slimmer, sleeker looking console will be available September 16th for $489 in 500gb model only.While the new "PlayStation Pro" will feature 4k gaming, HDR, a

Red Dead Redemption coming to PC?

07 Sep 2016
Ask any of of us here at AM what game we wish we could play, 80% of the time we'll say Read Dead Redemption. It was never released on PC, leaving us scratching our heads as to why. It wasn't until the buggy trouser stain that was GTA4's release that

Klei Entertainment are back with a new game!

30 Aug 2016
Cast your feeble mind back to the days where imagination ran rampant and video games didn't consume your life. You'd throw sticks in your friends bike wheels and hone your pyromaniac skills with sparkler bombs to fill the day. Well of course it was only a matter of time before

Goodbye Let's Drown Out

29 Aug 2016
Last Sunday something very sad happened, what might just be one of the internet's best hidden gems posted it's final episode. I am of course talking about Gabriel Morton, and Yahtzee Crowshaw's lets play series lets drown out. For the uninitiated, LDO started as a simple lets play series, but

Obduction Released

25 Aug 2016
That's right folks CYAN have just given us the green light for their spiritual successor to MYST. This one's been a long time coming for the AM team, Stroggo has worn though 3 rugs with all the anxious pacing he's been doing, so you can expect a review of sorts

Allison road gets a resurrection

23 Aug 2016
So a while back we heard the saddening news that the spiritual successor to the Silent Hills playable teaser was cancelled. This was all from a conflict between the developers of the upcoming horror game, and the publishers Team17 who have a reputation for being hard to work with. But fear

Star Citizen: 2016 Gamescom Live Game Demo

21 Aug 2016
Here's the live version excerpt of the gameplay demo from Star Citizen, Gamescom 2016 presentation.Watch the massive 52-minute demo of Star Citizen. Ignore the loud crowd this is a very impressive demo, still no release date, we at Awkward Machine are saying 2020But as you can see this is a very passionately

No Mans Sky PC Launch Woes

13 Aug 2016
Lag, Hitches, Crashes and more Seem to be plaguing many users of the hotly anticipated space sim.  Many users over on the NMS Reddit page along with the steam user forums have been complaining about a myriad of issues since the games PC debut earlier today.  Everything from dropped frames, stuttering and lower than

No Mans Sky AMA

08 Aug 2016
Gotta question about NMS? Ask! As the days until No Mans Sky releases turn into hours, the man behind the hype-train has started an AMA over on reddit. Some questions we would love to see answered: How do you keep your beard so magnificent? How does it feel to finally see your hard work

No Mans Sky Livestream

08 Aug 2016
The Hype Train is Almost at the Station With the release of No Mans Sky just around the corner (Today in fact on the PS4,12th on PC) , Hello Games hit us with a Livestream of the game in action. Sean and the team take us through starting the game and

Outlast 2 Delayed

01 Aug 2016
In a shock announcement that has disappointed fans and put Nick into a coma, Red Barrel stated that you'll be waiting till 2017 to get your hands on Outlast 2. The original Outlast was 2013's indie darling, and one of the few new IP's from that year that didn't completely

PlayStation VR requires a lot of floor space...

01 Aug 2016
Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset will require about 60-square-feet which is equal to about 5.5m2 of cleared space to use and asks that players remain seated whenever possible while playing, according to new documentation released by the company.This image was leaked below with what looks like a possible manual to

Kentucky route zero act iv out now!

25 Jul 2016
Good lord, that was a long wait! If you're familiar with Cardboard Computer' surrealist indie point-and-click Kentucky Route Zero, you'll be relieved that the wait is finally over and we can dive back into that magical highway known as the Zero, and the many unique characters that inhabit it. This came as

Obduction Delayed

20 Jul 2016
There's a bit of bad news for the MYST fans today (or I should say Riven fans coz MYST was shit), as it's spiritual successor Obduction has just been delayed again. Veteran devs Cyan have given the following reasons: "The last few weeks have gone very quickly. We’ve been working long

New Elusive target comes to Hitman

19 Jul 2016
Good news assassins! A new elusive target is coming to Hitman! this time in the form of that guy from (the original) Point Break who played the shitty cop that made Keanu Reeves do all the work. [embed width="480" height="270" class="center" thumbnail=""][/embed] I like both these guys, maybe they'll put Gary Cole as

Elite Dangerous bringing back Thargoids!

17 Jul 2016
This one should really be coming from Adam, our resident spaceman but he's busy planning "Operation Overlord II: The Overing" so you're gonna have to do with the cliff-notes. The Tharigoids were once the skurge of Elite, strange invaders that would randomly jump in and ruin a commanders day. Being

New Overwatch Hero announced

12 Jul 2016
Meet Ana—a battle-scarred agent who would do anything to protect the people closest to her. Ana’s versatile arsenal allows her to affect heroes all over the battlefield. Her Biotic Rifle rounds and Biotic Grenades heal allies and damage or impair enemies; her sidearm tranquilizes key targets, and Nano Boost gives one

Evolve goes F2P

07 Jul 2016
That's right, Evolve is going free-to-play on PC with a Beta starting on July 7th. For a 'Triple A' game to go free-to-play after only one and a half years is very strange, but it's not hard to figure out why with declining users and (in my opinion) over priced DLC. There is going

System Shock Demo Updated

05 Jul 2016
Custodians of SHODAN Night Dive Studios have just rolled out a patch for their System Shock Remastered demo. Along with some stability and performace fixes it brings along some much needed texture filtering. If you're puzzled by that last sentience let me explain, someone at Night Dive clearly thought having

Rust xp update is live

05 Jul 2016
If you're like me and play the survival early access game Rust so much that you might as well mainline it into your eyeballs - you've probably already heard that they've been tinkering away at this XP update for some time, and by god, it's going to change the game

DayZ update 0.60

01 Jul 2016
Alright! so I'm a little late to this party. Actually, I was downloading and playing this update on day one, BUT! only written a news bit about it now because I've been busy in Sony Vegas Pro trying to figure out how to zoom in and add floating text on

Horror Adventure Scorn announced

30 Jun 2016
It's looking like a mighty fine year of us horror fans! Serbian developers Ebb Software have just lifted the lid on this rather meaty horror/adventure title. Scorn might not seem new to you, as it was originally announced at it's failed Kickstarter, thankfully Ebb found private funding and plan to

System Shock Kickstarter Begins

28 Jun 2016
It's finally happening! First thing's first, while we here at AM hate remakes we love remasters. It's an opportunity to revisit some of gaming's classics often with much needed technical overhaul. System Shock Remastered goes a little bit further than ironing out a few bugs, It's basically a full blown