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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

05 Apr 2019
[embed width="720" height="539" class="center" thumbnail=""][/embed] "When will then be now? Soon"

Valve Pulls Steam Machines

04 Apr 2018
Sometime yesterday, when AM wasn't paying attention, Valve pulled the Steam-Machine lineup from their hardware section. Launched only a few years ago Steam Machines were seen as Valve's foray into the console userspace. But as usual, they were expensive, underpowered, and the support from Valve was more than lacking. They

System Shock Remaster Back On track

26 Mar 2018
GDC is a wonderful thing, it allows developers to exchange ideas and new creative ventures to be launched. It also allows you to pin down any devs that have gone to ground and get them over a barrel! And such a thing happened when PC Gamer journalist Wes Fenlon pinned

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Officially Revealed

17 Mar 2018
After a few months of leaks, ranging from a few drips here and there to the absolute torrent of the past week. We finally got the official reveal/announcement yesterday over on the Tomb Raider website and social media accounts alongside a little teaser video:We've known about the existence of this

Quake Champions Update Brings the Old School

16 Mar 2018
Dust off that CRT and unclog your ball mouse people because Quake Champions have the update for you. Announced yesterday the Quake Champions March update is bringing back the old school. TDM not fast enough for you? Are rocket Launchers not chunking your enemies in your desired amount of seconds?Never fear

System Shock Remaster on haiatus

17 Feb 2018
Night Dive Studios CEO Steven Kick has announced that development on the System Shock remake is going on hiatus while they pull their heads out of their arses and try to avoid eye contact with who funded the project. Well he didn't quite say that, he actually said that perhaps

20th IGF Audience award

07 Feb 2018
You know what they say time flies when you're having fun, what they don't tell you is it also flies when you're having a bad time shitfaced. Anyway it's time again for the GDC IGF Audience Award, which is quite important as far as gaming awards go!Lets face it today's

Subnautica Gets a Release Date

16 Jan 2018
Yaaaaaaaaayyyy....?We're a bit late on this one, most of the AM team have fucked off for summer leaving this update to they guy who hasn't played Subnautica in 8 months so bear with us. As you probably know Unknown Worlds are finally pulling the pin on their sub sea survival

Mapping the Black Mesa Incident

10 Jan 2018
They're waiting for you GordonSo around 4 months ago some nutter on YouTube decided to map out the entire Black Mesa incident in real-time. He goes by the name of OWRING and what he did is one of the coolest things we've seen in quite a while. As mentioned it's

GORN: Flying Fists of Fury update is out!

16 Dec 2017
Developer Free Lives' Virtual reality arena brawler where throwing a badger at someone is a perfectly acceptable means of defence is getting a new completely free update!From this day forth new weapons are being added in the form of the much desired Caestus (Gloves for the rest of us) and many different

Crytek sues Cloud Imperium

15 Dec 2017
As if the development of Star Citizen wasn't convoluted enough already Crytek has filed a suit against Cloud Imperium Games (developers of Star Citizen and Squadron 42) for shitting the bed with their engine licensing. So way back when Star Citizen didn't resemble a ponzi scheme, Cloud Imperium licensed the

Divinity: Original Sin 2

15 Dec 2017
I enjoy playing Divinity: Original Sin 2.Therefore I think you should play it too.Source: Jake's Experiences

Mechwarrior 5 details and release date

14 Dec 2017
How does that saying go, "good news comes to those who wait"? Well all around the world mech-heads have been waiting patiently for news on the upcoming Mechwarrior 5 - Mercenaries, and just a couple of days ago Piranha Games  let loose with a new gameplay video and most importantly

New updates coming to Splatoon 2

22 Nov 2017
November 23rd marks the date for the new updates to the Ink shooting team deathmatch game Splatoon 2!A game that's that's confused me for years with its strange premise of half squid/half teenage humans hellbent on throwing projectile ink at each other in what can only be described as a

Steam Halloween Sale Is Here!

27 Oct 2017
Prepare your wallets and your anuses because the long-awaited Steam Halloween sale is here!Finishing up on November 1st this sale features plenty of horror classics and some new contenders to keep you well spooked over this festive season.Some AM picks this year around are:DOOM: -33% at $20 Prey: -25% at $29.99 Friday The 13th:

Robert Guillaume - Half Life's Eli Vance passes away Age 89

25 Oct 2017
We've lost another oneIt's 11:51 on a Wednesday here in Dunedin, I'm shitfaced, cranky, and up way past my beddiebye's for tomorrows soul crushing day. But rather than retreat to my fluffy coma sack I've decided to pop off a random news bit, why? Because we've lost another Half Live

Killing Floor 2 Releases Halloween Update

18 Oct 2017
We here at AM love us some KF2, unfortunately as Nick and Stroggo can attest the latest entry in Tripwire's spooky shooter is rather dwarfed by the original. What with it's multiple bosses, huge number of maps, and ability to host a server without needing a separate dedicated program, but there's another

AOE: Definitive edition Delayed

17 Oct 2017
Stroggo here! Lets get one thing straight I don't give a crap about Age of Empires, I ain't saying it's a bad game no siree but apart from a select few titles RTS games have no business being anywhere near my hard drive. So why am I spitting out a

Overgrowth enters final Beta 6 before 1.0 release

09 Oct 2017
After a long road of developmentWolfire games' Rabbit Kung-fu game Overgrowth is nearing its completionThe game has just entered beta 6 which will be its final build before entering 1.0. Players who've already purchased the early access will, of course, have the full game upon its release along with their

DOOM, Wolfenstein and Skyrim coming to Nintendo Switch!

14 Sep 2017
Following the trend of its grandfather Doom(1992) in dominating every console under the sun - the critically acclaimed Doom(2016) will be available for Nintendo Switch in the coming months.This, alongside Skyrim: Special Edition and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is all part of the newfound love Bethesda has found for

Resident Evil 7 DLC in the works

08 Sep 2017
New DLC for the critically acclaimed survival horror reboot Resident Evil 7 has just been announced. Giving some much-needed love to characters old and new.End of Zoe continues on from the base game and tells the story of Zoe Baker after she helps Ethan Winters escape the Baker estate. Detailing

Pathologic remake gets new name & trailer

02 Sep 2017
News of disease and death is never a good thing, unless it's about the Pathologic remake of course! Ice Pick Lodge's remake of their 2005 avant-garde masterpiece has picked up a publisher (Tiny Build) as well as a new name, Pathologic 2. While the rename may seem confusing at first

Subnautica: Ghost Update

24 Aug 2017
The Ghost Update has been released!Cure the Infection, disable the Precursor Array, command an upgraded Cyclops, and escape Ghost Leviathans! Frightening and deadly, a new Leviathan lurks deep under the surface. The Ghost Leviathan can be found haunting the Void, Grand Reef, and the Lost River. Always keep one eye on

Killing Floor Incursion out now!

23 Aug 2017
Out now is the welcome addition to the Killing Floor franchise from one of our favourite development studios Tripwire Interactive!Take a break from VR anime and experience something truly horrifying and tentacle monster free!Killing Floor has always felt like the perfect transition into a VR experience and with the current

Out of Ammo: Death Drive coming soon

12 Aug 2017
LAST YEAR DEVELOPER ROCKETWERKZ RELEASED THE HYBRID-GENRE VR GAME 'OUT OF AMMO'A game about commanding a battlefield against the onslaught of enemy units all while building defences and taking control of friendly units to shoot, stab and explode your way to jolly victory.Well, this year Rocketwerkz are upping the ante with the

Rez released for PC

10 Aug 2017
It's been quite a day for cyberpunk fans, it's just been announced that a Neuromancer film is back on the cards and WE'VE GOT A PC RELEASE OF REZ! For those of you who have no Idea what we're on about Rez was a console rhythm shooter released back at the

Pokemon GO! Moltres / Sun and Moon: Magearna

01 Aug 2017
Moltres is Bringing the heatThe Legendary Pokémon Moltres has begun to appear in Raid Battles around the world—but it'll be available only for a limited time. Team Valor's Legendary Pokémon will cease to appear as a Raid Boss after August 7, so make sure you head out to battle before

Frontier Expo 2017

30 Jul 2017
"Join us for a day packed with eagerly-anticipated announcements about the future of Elite Dangerous, what’s next for Planet Coaster, and an exclusive look at Frontier’s unannounced new title." At the time of writing there is just under twelve hours until tickets go on sale, Frontier Expo (FX17) will be Frontier’s biggest

DOOM Update 6.66

27 Jul 2017
A new update hits the 2016 rebirth of the demon chainsawing simulator DOOMAdding some zesty new features and giving some love to multiplayer that we all wanted.Here's the meat of this new update:Bethesda has opted to scrap the season pass and is giving away all DLC for free including nine maps,


26 Jul 2017
Tripwire Interactive in collaboration with Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive, today announced that their popular survival shooter KILLING FLOOR 2 will be coming to the Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, on August 29 of this year, and will  be available on Xbox One X at