AM plays: Resident Evil 7 - Beginning Hour (dirty coin)

I play RE7 demo in prep for the full release

Get that bonus!

A walkthrough of the RE7: beginning hour demo where I'll show you how to get the true ending and the dirty coin (unlocking bonus in-game content on release) as fast as I can.

2 things I forgot to mention: The reason you need to avoid the monster is because if you're scratched by ol' mouldy you'll get the "infected ending" instead. We don't want that, also apparently you need to have the back door key in the door to finish the mystery BUT DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR or you'll get the bad ending. Messed up, I know.

I've played hours of this 20min demo to get this all down-pat and will be streaming RE7 on release so be sure to subscribe to our channel for more.