PS4 Pro Unboxing & Impressions

Next Gen Console? or a Cheeseburger?

Michael (manapouriman)

21 Nov 2016

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Is 4k The Future?

4K is the new “Thing to have” right now and over time discussions about its value have geared up, what seemed like a distant pipe dream a few years ago has now given birth to a “half generation” of the current consoles, is it worth it? Is 4k all the hype? To find out I purchased a PS4 Pro for shits, giggles and filling that weird void left from never purchasing a Wii U, here are my impressions

4k gaming has been a hot topic of late and with the current gen consoles being only 3 years old they are already seeming out of date. With the PC market grabbing all that juicy 4K headlines it was time for the likes of Sony and Microsoft to step up and either upgrade their current console or wait it out and be left in the dust.

The rumour mill started churning late last year and sure enough, both companies announced their latest upgrade earlier this year

So now we have Project Scorpio from Microsoft which is due in 2017 sometime and the PS4 Pro from their rivals Sony.

To see what all the fuss was about I convinced myself to sell my day 1 original PS4 and purchased the Pro drawn in by the promises of higher frame rates, HDR and dare I say a PC-like experience but from the comforts of your couch


From what I first saw, I thought it was just an original PS4 with a PS4 slim stacked on top, pulling it out the box though it looks very sleek, nothing beats jet black colour pallet. I'm proud to display it on my entertainment shelf


This is what you get straight out the box


Size wise the PS4 Pro is slightly bigger than the current PS4 because of all the extra power they had to jam into it, hence the burger look.



There is an additional USB port at the back giving it a total of 3 USB ports compared to the original one of 2 ports, the 3rd port will help out if you own or were put off owning a PSVR because of the jungle of cords you have to manage.



We all want nice things right, but 4K gaming from the PC side can take a serious investment in the graphics and monitor department. So what does the PS4 pro bring to the table? What I will tell you is that the Pro is great value introduction to the world of 4K, though not all games will render at 4K the patches and performance boost many games have and will get seem to be worth the price if you upgrading from the current model or just getting on the PS4 train now. Another added bonus is your media apps like Netflix and YouTube can also play at 4k.

The PS4 Pro RRP is $639 NZD, I paid that plus received a copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider as well (Shout-out to JB HI-FI). In comparison say if you were out shopping to upgrade your 1080p PC, a new graphics card can cost about as much as the pro itself(not taking into account the monitor) and if you were to buy the new GTX 1080 from Nvidia that would set you back a solid $1100NZD, the PS4 Pro is almost half as much and is an all in one system. So if you're after a bang for your buck intro to the world of 4k and you are rocking a 4K TV already you can't go wrong with the Pro, though if you are an existing PS4 user like myself I would only recommend investing if you already have a 4K TV, are going to in the near future, or are after that performance boost from the added processing power.

So what was the transition like? In a word: seamless.

You can transfer data over via a LAN cable (sold separately). Or Both systems can be connected to the wireless network. I had about 400gb of data on my old PS4 and it took roughly an hour to transfer over. You can also transfer over your saves and settings via a USB cable as well.

Actions become faster, smoother and more explosive with crystal-clear movement from faster and more stable frame rates. A lot of the current games and more to come in the future have been upscaled via a patch.

In games such as “Rise of the Tomb Raider” you can choose between showing a 4K res or you can focus on a steady 60 frames per second, Its options like this I have not seen from a console before.

The upscaling even helps PSVR out which is great because it lacks in comparison with the Vive and the Rift , also with there being a USB port on the back it will be less of a worry tripping over the bulky power blocks it has, I am a clumsy man.

All the games that have been upscaled to Pro can be found here

With a 4K TV, PS4 games deliver unprecedented visual precision, such as 4K quality resolution to give remarkable clarity down to the tiniest detail. Alongside stunningly vibrant HDR colours, your adventures will burst into flavourtown. All dem delicious pixels 

ps4 pro lead image 4k 01 eu 03nov16

As mentioned earlier you can stream in 4K from Netflix, YouTube and a bunch of entertainment apps coming soon all with auto-upscaling for the sharpest picture possible

Much has been said about the lack of 4K Blu-Ray support but honestly. Who is buying 4k Blu-Rays? No one. Exactly.

Greater connectivity on the Pro such as 1080p Share Play so you can let your friends experience your games in better definition compared to the current PS4 and also 1080p Remote Play so you can stream games to all your compatible devices in unrivaled detail unlike the previous one too

Enhanced Wi-Fi you can choose from 2.4GHz and 5GHz modes to support your broadband speeds which are great if you have a gigabit connection like myself.


The PS4 Pro is a very welcome additional the Playstation family, and if you are in the market for a 4K console or even a console in general, then you can't go wrong with the Pro being only $100 more than a current/slim PS4. 

Overall it is great value for money for what is packed inside. 

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