Post-E3 Depression

What got you most excited at E3?

So it ends

E3 has just wrapped up and there's plenty to get excited about, most of our biggest questions were answered (or in Kojima's case, gave us heaps more questions) and we got a chance to look at some of the best upcomming vidya this generation has to offer. But we here at Awkward Machine have a broad taste in the gaming arts, and a lot of differing opinions when it comes to the latest spread of titles. So here's what were looking forward to the most, what we think could be a potential GOTY, and what we think will be utter dog shit.





Now before we start don’t take my apathy for a ‘2kool4skool’ attitude I’ve been bogged down in the real world for a good fortnight and didn’t catch any of the announcements live. Excuses over, there wasn’t too much that stood out for me, hell even the pre E3 DeusExathon didn’t rev my servos.


I'd jack into that woman any day.

 Let’s start with the one title that caught my eye, Observer is a cyberpunkish horror game from the ridiculously named developer Bloober Team (the folks behind Layers of Fear), it’s about the usual transhumanisim thought-jacking that comes with cyberhorror, it’s elevator pitch being about having your deepest fears hacked and exploited. I’m keeping an eye on it mainly to see if it’ll finish the job Cradle started and SOMA fumbled. Apart from that there was the new Resident Evil, which can only be better than it’s last outing and a Quake thing.


THIS Quake thing.

 E3 was particularly console heavy this year, what with the announcement of 3 new consoles. It’s funny seeing the whole thing from a PC perspective, this ‘new’ idea that consoles iteratively increase their specs whilst maintaining the same architecture. Microsoft really took the cake with it’s Project Scorpio, giving console players an ever revolving upgrade cycle for their hardware, it seems that they’ve found a way to sell PC’s to morons. 

2016 has been a great year for gaming, which is probably why this year's E3 fell flat for me. There was no news drought for E3 to ride in and save us from, it was really just a bunch of publishers confirming shit we already knew.




So whether you were a big fan of this years E3 or found it a bit underwhelming, theres no denying it was good to have some questions answered. We saw Kojima's newest enigma that he's calling a game, got a glimpse at the many developers going feet first into the VR market, and were even reminded that the game Prey is still a thing, and that its coming sooner than we thought.

Green herbs confirmed guys! get hyped.

Personally i'm excited at the new Resident Evil 7 getting a release date and a look at gameplay. Not because i've got a rubbery one for horror games, but more-so because all us who owned a PS1 back in the day played RE1-3 and enjoyed the shit out of them, and its a shame to see the series drop to such a low point with RE6, but thankfully RE7 is bringing it back into its roots whilst also making some bold changes, here's hoping it all pays off.





It comes around once a year, I don’t realize it’s coming until one week out. I get excited. I start to imagine all the possibilities. My knees get weak. Palms are sweaty. All of a sudden it’s upon me once again, hangs around for a couple of days, costs me a few hundred dollars and leaves me with a feeling of disappointing regret and shame once it’s over. That’s right, E3!

This year’s E3 wasn’t as grand as it had been in previous years. I feel my Pre-E3 predictions were fairly accurate and the games I was looking forward to seeing demo'd got shown. All the big titles got confirmation dates, and the Xbox One got rhinoplasty surgery, but outside that there haven’t been many surprises.
One game in particular caught me off guard, The Last Guardian, I didn’t think would actually get a release date within the next six months and how cool does that Collector Edition look?


Something for the mantle

And a remastered Crash Bandicoot! Sony and Activision have a duty not to screw up my childhood!

While it’s no shock that Horizon: Zero Dawn has been something i’ve been looking forward to for quite a while, it was good to see a release date, collector’s edition and a playable demo at this year’s E3. Unlike certain studios I thought would be there (Hello Games) with a stage presentation, live demo or another trailer at the least, but all we ended up with was an image

Overall It has been a good E3 with lots of confirmations, flashy presentations and surprises. I just hope we’ll be able to give you the news live from E3 next year.





Playstation killed it this year, they had the best conference from start to finish. It was non-stop trailers and gameplay, and less of the scripted gameplay like Ubisoft and EA's always cringe presentations. It's the less-is-more mentality of E3 like the Playstation and Bethesda conference that made it great.


It took them 3 years but finally Playstation is getting some damn exclusives made by major studios that aren't remastered versions of games that are barely 5 years old.

I'm really looking forward to God of War, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Detriot : Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn and of course Final Fantasy XV. Finally some exclusives, maybe now my poor PS4 will stop collecting dust.