MLB The Show: 17 Quick Review

If it aint broke.

Michael (manapouriman)

03 Apr 2017

Game Info

Developer: SIE San Diego Studio

Release Date: 28/03/2017

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platforms: PS4



Hey guys, I am a big American sports fan and a big baseball fan so rather than boring you with baseball mumbo-jumbo and go too in depth I thought I will give you my impressions. 

MLB The Show is back for another year and it continues on its impressive reputation of graphical excellence and attention to detail.

Graphical MLB The Show looks impressive in 4K & HDR this year with improved lighting, shadows and new face scans help add to the realism of this baseball sim.

mlb the show 17 nightmare face bugs 1280

The horror, the ups and down when playing around with new face models



Gameplay feels great as always and to be fair they didn't really touch too much gameplay because if it ain't broke don't fix it right? New ball physics help as well, not every ball is hit straight off the bat now they curve and spin to the outfield, you can hear it fly off the bat when you make solid contact.

A new documentary-style of a story mode has been added to The Show 17 career mode "Road to the Show" which leaves you with some decisions to make that can impact your career inspired by many of the pros experiences, RTTS is still as great as ever but at the moment..this is how I will sum up my RTTS experience, describes my player (Sweaty McDingers) perfectly.
Diamond Dynasty which is the card collecting mode that every sports game is doing at the moment and making mega bucks in micro transactions. Not much is improved, but it stills sinks its claws into you as you strive to collect and make up a mega team stack with power hitters. 

Overall I say MLB The Show 17 is a very safe game not too much has improved from The Show 16 which isn't a bad thing, this is still one of the best sports games out there at the moment and for good reason, If you are a baseball fan, why don't you have this game?

Another great exclusive for PlayStation.

Overall Reaction

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