Hardware Review: BK 3D Optical Mouse

It's as good as it gets

John (stroggo)

18 Dec 2016

Hardware Perfection?

It’s a well known fact that gamers adore their peripherals, often shelling out huge amounts of cash for well made, well designed kit. But of all the gamers no one fetishises their tech quite like the PC crowd! Adjustable mice, mechanical keyboards, and $300+ headsets are usual finds on a PC players desk. Thankfully I seem to have inoculated myself against buying parts that look like a fucking Evangelions head! I like to think it’s because I have an analytical mind and am always weighing up the various factors in a purchase, but it’s most likely because I’m a cheap asshole.

Long story short I’ve been on the lookout for a new mouse for quite some time, I was going to snag one for Christmas but my good friend Adam dropped the motherfucker of all secret Santa presents on me with this beauty!


Stunning isn't it?

It’s the BK 3D Optical Mouse, I’m not sure what *specific* model it is but I do know I’ve scored the international version! It’s packing an 800DPI precision optical sensor and is compatible with Win 95/98/ME/XP and Mac (sorry Linuxites you might as well fuck off while I finish this review). I was a little worried about the lack of Windows 7 support, but the box did boast plug & play functionality, so I opened the sucker up and plugged it in.


It's hard not to be dazzled when you first plug it in

Obviously the first thing you’ll notice about the mouse is it’s LED lighting, as you know some modern mice are able to light up with a single colour, but the BK 3D Optical Mouse manages two giving off a truly dazzling display! The mouse has been perfectly sculpted to accommodate for all hand sizes, it’s small raised nose is perfect for smaller hands but the flared rear is great for folks with bigger mitts. It’s smooth contour also helps the mouse cup your hand letting you use it for nearly an hour without hand cramps.



It’s subtle but from certain angles the styling displays lines and shapes from a modern fighter jet

Thankfully my earlier fears about OS compatibility were mostly unfounded as pointing worked immediately. The low DPI is a wonderful addition, mouse movements are no longer chaotic and sudden, they’re slow and dreamlike giving you plenty of time change your mind about where you want the cursor to land. The mouse clicks are a joy as well, the buttons bend and flex as you push them giving a lovely cushioning sensation but also let out a loud and sharp snap. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the mouse wheel to work, it was probably due to my stupid decision to use an unsupported OS. Another helpful addition is how the mouse sensor lifts off the table whenever you put weight on the rear. Most modern mice come with a low DPI button, but this method is almost useless as it only slows the cursor instead of stopping it dead in its tracks like you intended.


Displaying the intuitive 'freeze mouse cursor' feature

To sum up, this mouse is incredible. It’s much more than a simple pointing device it’s a damn epiphany on how we should be interacting with our machines and a downright marvel of human engineering. I would wholeheartedly recommend this mouse to any human with a pulse, but unfortunately I’ve been unable to find where you can purchase a BK 3D Optical Mouse, the only clue I found was a single gmail address, so you’ll have to try your luck there!