AM E3 Predictions

What we're hoping for at the coming E3

All aboard the hype train

E3 is less than a week away and there’s been much speculation about possible rumors of major games titles and “New” or upgraded consoles, we here at Awkward Machine have been talking about it since February, so we put together a little panel article for all of our “readers”

What are you hoping to be announced at E3?

Michael: Cancellation of Infinite Warfare and just focus on Modern Warfare remake, New Rockstar game, maybe Skate 4

Adam: Medievil 3. Dreams are free, right? Capital Wasteland DLC for F4 and Red Dead 2!!

Nick: Prey 2, apparently they're going to announce Prey 2 but it's mostly a rumour.

John: System Shock 3 (or at least more details)

Jake: Horizon Zero Dawn

What will probably get announced at E3 ( shit generic titles)

Michael: $120 season pass for battlefield or new COD

Adam: Some quality beige video game gruel for the masses

Nick: Some Ubisoft shit, Ass creed 10 or something

John: More UbiFluff

Jake: Titanfall 2


DOOM announcement from last year

Will we get a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3


Adam: The hope inside dies a little more each year

Nick: Have they been talking about it?



Showcase or demo most looking forward to

Michael: Battlefield 1 multiplayer demo

Adam: BF1 Multiplayer

Nick: Outlast II, there’s already been a demo. But show more more more

John: Dishonoured 2, and SShock 1 remastered

Jake: Dishonored 2 and Pokemon S&M

More likely to happen Elder Scrolls 6, GTA 6, The Last Guardian or Half-Life 3

Michael: 5 years since Skyrim, and it was another 5 between Skyrim and oblivion. A cowinky dink?

Adam: 5 years since Skyrim, people forget that BSG just released F4 and the team is only like 100ish strong. We saw The Last Guardian last year so maybe more of that, The hope of HL3 has died.

Nick: GTA6 most likely, with a possibility of The Last Guardian, but ICO is so art-tier it’ll probably be released for the NES and with a ham sandwich controller.

John: Half Life - 3 The lead writer retired saying his “work was done at Valve”

Jake: Probs GTA6 (But secretly waiting for HL2:E3)



Shit E3 could do without

Michael: Awkward acted out demos, gamers aren't all buddy buddy in real life, if you screw up you're going to get called a cunt a lot online

Adam: Awkward hamfisted attempts at being hip. Forcing celebs on stage that don't want to be there. Attractive Female “Cosplayers” in an attempt to replace booth babes. C'mon, we are better than this. Just give us comfy vidya and don't be a dick about it

Nick: Nothing, there is nothing that is wrong with E3, the gaming convention is practically perfect in every way. I especially like how they give invites out to upcoming gaming websites and give them Oculus Rifts and a lifetime supply of sour Skittles.

John: Faggy presentations where men in their 50’s try to be funny I.E.

Jake: EVERYTHING is irrelevant, it’s about the games, focus on games. Titanfall 2

Games that could have a surprise announcement

Michael: Red Dead Redemption 2 I hope

Adam: Gabe Newell bust on stage, tosses out Free Vive's with copies of HL3.

Nick: Are Rockstar doing something? They might announce something

John: Mechwarrior 5

Jake: Star Citizen (or Red Dead Redemption 1 on PC)

New consoles are there any need for them.

Michael: Not really no, need to focus on more original games for each of the consoles first

Adam: Nintendo NX could be cool. As for the Xbox and PS4 .5 updates. Welcome to the world of the PC, console friends. I buy consoles for comfy couch gaming, not upgrades every few years. That's what my PC is for.

Nick: Fuck sake we just started this gen, if VR is considered a console then yes bring some more competition into that.

John: Welcome to the world of PC gaming chummers, better get your wallet out. Or just build a decent PC and have it last 7 or so years!

Jake: No. PS4 isn’t even 3yo yet!!


Please be good DX:MD