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The idiots behind the curtain

Awkward Machine?

It all started back in 2009, at the bottom of New Zealand and in the line for dinner at a university residential hall. Two idiots bonded over their shared love for all things games.

Those newly acquainted idiots got thinking: "Hey let's make a website about games." The name Awkward Machine was thought up a few days later in that very same line.

Fast forward to the next year and those two same idiots together with some flatmates and friends threw together a rather crude WordPress site: Awkward Machine was born. 

Awkward Machine 0.1 was a neon-soaked hellscape of concrete textures and missed deadlines, let us never talk about it again.

Logo version 3 final

We told you it was bad.

Luckily this first incarnation of Awkward Machine was short lived. With busy university schedules and general laziness, the hosting was left to expire after a year. The domain, though we kept hold of.

Fast forward to 2014 and those two original idiots decide to bring it back from the dead. These plans fizzle out after 3 days of flurried activity due to work commitments. 

Finally in late 2015 after a few beers, a few new friends and one of those original idiots now being a full-time web developer, we decided to bring it back for real this time. After a few months of development, testing and content building Awkward Machine was relaunched on the 15th of May 2016.


The Team



I built this :) 
I like video games, space & texmex
May contain traces of salt




John is our cyberdude, he does sysadmin and doesn't afraid of anything (apart from spiders)




Sports guy love all things sports and a cheeky game or two when I'm not having issues with my problem PC, I am new to this OK. 




If you like water, you already like 72% of me.




This is our Jake, there are many like him but he is ours. Running Jake OS 2 the latest in jake technology


What DO we Do?

am fire no logo

Typical Awkward Machine Meeting

Awkward Machine, it's like your normal gaming website except from New Zealand and different(shit). We aim to provide you with news every weekday(ish), a monthly(ish) gaming podcast, weekly articles and videos while hopefully in the process informing and entertaining you.

So welcome to Awkward Machine. 

There are better sources for news.... but you ended up here.

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